Rehoboth Beach order requires masks everywhere

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The Rehoboth Beach mayor and commissioners voted unanimously to require the wearing of facial coverings on all public streets, public sidewalks, public parks, the boardwalk, the beach and commercial establishments in the City of Rehoboth Beach.

The order goes beyond the state emergency order, which does not require that masks be worn on the streets. Masks are required by the state inside businesses or areas where social distancing is no possible.

The order will go into effect on Wednesday, July 1, at5 p.m.

Exceptions to not wearing a facial covering include:

  • While actively bathing in the ocean water
  • While within a dining establishment when not required to otherwise wear a face covering under Governor Carney’s State of Emergency and modifications
  • If doing so would present a health risk
  • If a person is age 12 and younger

The order applies to all persons, including bicyclists.

A release from the city cited a resurgence of Covid-19 and too many visitors not wearing masks of practicing social distancing. The order will be enforced by Rehoboth Police.

“Please consider the health of your families, your neighbors, and the general public. We are living in extremely uncertain times and all preventative measures must be taken so as not to have a total reoccurrence of this tragic illness. The positive steps taken during the last 3 ½ months to limit the spread of the illness must not be reversed,” stated Sharon Lynn, city manager.


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