Waiting on Washington


Hello everyone,

Late last night, we learned that the U.S. Senate had reached a deal on a $2 trillion bill aimed at addressing the economic damage caused by the coronavirus epidemic.

A vote is expected today.

As of mid-morning, it appeared that no copy of the bill was publicly available.

We’ll pass along any updates or a link to the final version of the bill when available.

The legislation comes at a crucial time as evidence grows of the public spread of the disease.

Easing restrictions anytime soon appears unlikely as we nervously watched the deluge of cases in New York and New Jersey, not to mention the more than 100 cases in Delaware.

Yesterday, we learned that an airman in Dover and two people with ties to the state children’s department tested positive. Other organizations disclosing cases include the City of Wilmington, Eastside Charter School and DuPont.

This might be the tip of the iceberg since state officials don’t release specifics on individual cases.

In some instances, employers release information to the public as a way to quell and rumors and fear-mongering. The disclosure also comes after communications with those who may have been exposed to the individual or individuals.

Stay safe, stay at home if possible and check the  Delaware Business Now  website and this newsletter for updates. – Doug and Sharon Rainey

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