Tech company moves from Wilmington to Newark


Greenwing Technology  relocated their offices from downtown Wilmington to Newark.

The new location is  at 314 East Main Street, Suite 401.

The new office is  more centrally located for all team members and  allows more meeting and office space. 

“By moving our offices to downtown Newark we’re excited to have access to more talent as well as work with University of Delaware to develop an internship program to help our future growth.  Having our offices right on Main St puts us right in the heart of the downtown business district.  The additional space will help drive innovation and provide opportunity to further expand into additional markets and product lines,” said Jeremy Friedman, chief operations officer of Greenwing Technology.

Team members already have the flexibility to work from home as part of a work-life balance program, but the new office space will have technology-enabled conference rooms and private offices to further encourage team building.

Greenwing Technology organizations develop B2B Punchout Catalogs, hosted catalogs and electronic purchase order/invoicing systems. to integrate with eProcurement systems. 

A punchout catalog is an eCommerce website that allows an institutional buyer to buy from a supplier directly from their electronic procurement system

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