Top trending: Ronny’s Garden World closes at end of year

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Multiple reports indicated that Ronny’s Garden World at the edge of Smyrna closed at the end of the year.

No formal announcement was made, and the Facebook page has been taken down. The business did advertise a sale on Christmas items.

The business is located on Route 13 on the southern edge of New Castle County.

The family-owned business supplied landscaping in the fast-growing area south of the C&D Canal and offered a delivery service.

It was also a Christmas attraction with a large selection of holiday items.

According to the business’ website, Ronny’s operated for a half-century under two generations of the Burris family.

The business was typically closed for a couple of months during the winter. The business kept its website live.

Countryside, a family-owned garden center in Bear, closed in 2019, with site preparation now underway on a Lidl supermarket.

Rival Willey Farms, a garden center, market and gift north of Ronny’s on Route 13 suffered a devastating fire in late 2018. The business has been rebuilt with a different configuration.

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