Country music artist’s tribute to downstate gets a Dogfish touch


Dogfish Head founderSam Calagioneand rising country music star Jimmie Allen have done a remix of a tribute to his home town – Slower Lower.

Allen grew up in Milton, the site of Dogfish Head’s brewery and during a stop in his home state that included an appearance at Dogfish Head Brewings & Eats in Rehoboth.

According to a Dogfish dispatch, during the stopover during a heavy tour schedule, Allenworked with Calagione to shoot a music video for a remix of the song that features product placement for the recently launched Slightly Mighty brand.

The video looks as if it has the ingredients for a Dogfish Head ad for the low-calorie beer aimed at younger people who have driven double-digit sales increases for Michelob Light.

It could happen, if new parent Boston Beer loosens the purse strings and unleashes a campaign for Slightly Mighty.

The slickly-produced video features among other things Jimmie and Sam sitting on the tailgate of a pickup truck and holding a couple of Slightly Mightys. Sam goes on to ride a bicycle, something you don’t normally see in country and western videos.

The videowraps up with attractive young people with PG-rated attire hanging out on the beach, a staple of beer ads these days.

I am by no means a country and western fan, but Slow, Lower comes with a catchy melody, even if it has the typical style and lyrics of modern-day country – country scenes, trucks and tributes to small-town life.

Worth checking out is the original 2018 tune that pays homage to family and Jimmie’s hometown without many of the usual visual clichés. (See below) – Doug Rainey.

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