(Video) Superstars in Education honored


The Delaware State Chamber of Commerce presented Superstars in Education awards on Monday night.

“This year we recognize three programs that aren’t just working well, but that are meeting critical needs while producing exciting results. The Superstars in Education Award is to give them the appreciation they deserve,” said Michael Quaranta, president of the Delaware State Chamber.

The Delaware State Chamber and its affiliate, The Partnership, Inc., honored the award winners at a reception and awards ceremony.

The State Chamber also honored Bebe Coker, longtime community activist, with the John H. Taylor Jr Education Leadership award for her efforts to improve education and education equality throughout Delaware.

“From her civil rights activism to her leadership in education, Bebe is a true champion of excellence and equity. Like John Taylor, she is someone I rely on to tell me the way it is, the unvarnished truth,” said Dr. Paul Herdman, president and CEO of Rodel, who presented Ms. Coker with the award.

The State Chamber also debuted a historical article about the Hockessin Colored School #107 in the May/June issue of their magazine, Delaware Business. The school was part of the Bulah v. Gebhart court case that later became part of the Brown v. Education Supreme Court case. The Chamber commissioned the article in collaboration with Friends of HC107 fund in recognition of the 65th anniversary of the Brown v. Education ruling.

A surprise presentation during the program was made by Rick Deadwyler of Corteva, giving $10,000 to the Blades Elementary School Latino Family Literacy Project. The grant, normally awarded to STEM-related programs, found the program to be especially meaningful and valuable in building a better educational community that serves all Delawareans through engaging families in the learning process and building cultural connections.

The 2019 Superstars in Education winning programs:

Latino Family Literacy Project (LFLP)

Blades Elementary School, Seaford School District

The Latino Family Literacy Project (LFLP) supports culturally responsive teaching practices and additive bilingualism by developing family reading routines. It builds community and cultural exchange among Latino families and bridges connections between home and school.

BARK Builders

Springer Middle School, Brandywine School District

The BARK Builders program was created to develop critical leadership skills among middle school students already exhibiting an interest in leadership, like those in student government, student ambassadors, and other leadership clubs.

Wizards of Words: “Book Bling” Program

Woodbridge Early Childhood Education Center, Woodbridge School District

Woodbridge ECEC and its WOW (Wizards of Words) Team developed the “Book Bling” program to encourage reading both in and out of school. Students earn charms that they can wear on a necklace at school.

For information on the event and programs, visitwww.dscc.com/superstarsineducation.

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