(Video) Elwyn moving toward $15 an hour wage for all direct support employees


Elwyn, a nonprofit human services organization, announce a Living Wage Initiative that will pay all direct support employees a base wage of at least $15 an hour. This initiative will begin rolling out on July 1 and will eventually impact approximately 1,500 employees across the country.

Elwyn operates a center near downtown Wilmington.

“Elwyn has always set the tempo for change in our industry,” said Elwyn CEO, Charles McLister. “With the launch of this initiative, we have declared that employee engagement is the most important variable in our pursuit of excellence. The professionals who support Elwyn’s children and adults are the heart and soul of the organization. Their success will determine our sustainability. This announcement represents the first step in a long-term employee engagement plan designed to make Elwyn the most relevant and effective human services organization in the nation.”

About one-quarter of Elwyn’s direct service employees will see an increase to $15 per hour on July 1. Due to collective bargaining, Elwyn aims to have all union employees see their pay increased no later than the start of 2021. Supervisors and specialized individuals will also see pay raises in this initiative to address salary rate compression.

“I’m so pleased to hear Elwyn is raising the base wage for its direct support workers to $15 an hour,” said Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf. “It is a sign that Elwyn truly cares about both its workers and the people it supports. I commend Elwyn for taking this bold step, and I hope others will follow Elwyn’s lead.”

Elwyn is currently hiring direct support employees at $15 per hour through the greater Philadelphia area, and openings can be found athttps://www.elwyn.org/careers/.

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