Powerful system to move through state; Weather Service reports 2nd Sussex tornado earlier in week


Delaware is expected to see a powerful storm on Friday afternoon and into  Saturday that could produce thunderstorms, heavy rain and flash floods.

A flash flood watch has been issued for the state by the National Weather Services.

The Weather Service also further updated information on tornadoes that hit Sussex County on April 15.

The weather office reported a second tornado touched down in Harbeson at around 4 a.m. and ended at Broadkill Beach.

The EF1 tornado carried winds of about 100 miles an hour. Its path was about 50 yards wide.

Damage was confined to trees and roof damage. The twister may not have been on the ground the entire time.

The storm came out of the same circulation that produced a more destructive EF2 tornado in Laurel.

The Weather Service also updated and provided the EF-2 tornado in the Laurel area.

The storm is now believed to have traveled 9 miles with a path as wide as 400 yards. The wind speed was 120 miles an hour

 Numerous homes along the path sustained considerable damage
to exterior walls and roofs.

The storm broke off power poles and caused considerable roof damage to barns and farm outbuildings.

One barn was leveled and  the  roof of one home was blown off, with one person injured when a tree fell on a house.

One mobile home was rolled on to its side.

The Weather Service stated the information in this statement is preliminary and could be subjection to revision.

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