Top trending: Tesla opens gallery in Christiana Mall


Tesla has quietly opened what it describes as a “gallery” at Christiana Mall.

The location is near the Nordstrom store in the popular regional mall south of Newark.

The gallery in a small retail space has a couple of cars on display as well as information on the company’s solar panels and battery backup system.

The company did not respond to a request for comment on the gallery.

It is not the first trip around the block in Delaware for Tesla. For a time, the electric auto company had a car on display at the mall.

The nearest full dealership for Tesla is in Devon, PA. The company has a small number of sales and service sites and has fought what it views as restrictive state auto dealer franchise laws.

The laws have become weaker as dealers built superstores with several brands under one roof or on a sprawling site.

After highly publicized difficulties, the California automaker is ramping up production of its Tesla 3, which is aimed at the compact luxury market now dominated by BMW and Mercedes.

Tesla Model 3s start at $46,000, with controversial Tesla CEO Elon Musk claiming that the long-touted $35,000 Model 3 will come in 2019.

Tesla faces many challenges that include a phase-out of a tax credit for electric vehicles once production milestones are reached.

Competitors are also rolling out their own electric cars with longer battery ranges.

The most expensive version of the Tesla Model 3 claims a battery range of 310 miles and a 0-60 mile per hour figure of 3.3 seconds.

Tesla has three Supercharger battery stations at the Biden travel plaza on I-95, Naamans Road in north Wilmington and Lewes. Another location is slated for Dover.

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