NERDiT Now opens new store in Stanton


NERDiT Now has opened a new location at First State Plaza in Stanton.

The electronic equipment repair shop that does work on cell phones and computers is also marking its third anniversary.

NerdiTNow store

NerdiTNow store
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The businessgot its start in Managing Director Markevis Gideon’stwo bedroom apartment, with NERDiT Now working for two years at a storefront in Stanton.

Gideon a Howard High School of Technology and Widener University graduate whose career has included working in China, serving as a network administrator at MBNA and a stint at Best Buy’s Geek Squad.

In 2018, Nerdit Now donated 102 computers through its NERDiT Foundation. The computers go to community centers and nonprofits. Seventeen computers went to the African nation of Ghana.

NERDit Now was also known for a converted ambulance that was used as a repair center. The center made an appearance at the store’s grand opening earlier this month.

The location is a former GameStop and will sell games and game consoles. The store is also selling NERDiT NOW shirts, sweatshirts andjackets.

GameStop expanded rapidly in offering new and used electronic games and game consoles but has been trimming back its store count as streaming of games competes with consoles and boxed games.

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