Beach arcades on Rehoboth boardwalk rebranded as ‘ Zelky’s’


Beach Arcade, a family-owned arcade company with three locations on the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk, recently announced a  rebranding under the name of “Zelky’s”.

“Zelky” was part of a nickname given to founder Chuck Weiner as a child and the company only saw it as a fitting, fun name to go with the new face of the arcades. “Say it out loud- you just have to smile after you say it,”, says Matt Weiner, general manager of Zelky’s.

With the name change came a new logo, a new website ( and a new doughnut shop called “Zelky’s Donut Rings,  the fourth location on the boardwalk under the new brand.

“We’re looking to transform the way families and friends make memories,” said Solomon Hanes, director of marketing at Zelky’s. “Families from around the world plan their trips around us and we love that. We’re only planning to move forward! I’m excited to keep making sure we go above and beyond to help our guests have the times of their lives with those they love.”

Zelky’s Donut Rings has sold over 50,000 doughnuts since opening on July 30th of this year.

As an accompaniment to their cinnamon sugar doughnuts they also offer two different dipping sauces made in-house, a chocolate sauce and a pink “Zelky’s Sauce”, made with a  vanilla and cinnamon mix.

In what they arcade says is an effort to encourage visitors to reduce waste and keep the beach clean the store will refill any cup you bring with Coca-Cola products, up to 32  ounces, for $1. “It’s one of the best deals around and we’re happy to encourage any movement we can to keep our environment clean,” said Hanes.

The arcades and doughnut shop are open seven days a week in-season.

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