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Good morning everyone,

You may have noticed that our personnel page was not posted on Friday.

This was due to an unusual lack of submissions during a snowy week.

The personnel post will return on Friday since we did receive personnel news at the end of last week.

Your submissions are welcome on personnel moves large and small. Send items to drainey@delawarebusinessnow.com

It is often a good idea to copy and paste the text into the body of the Email if the Word file does not come across.

Photos are warmly welcomed. You can send images straight from your camera, although it isn’t a bad idea to use a professional photographer as a way to project the best image for your enterprise. We will run photo credits upon request.

Our site runs most personnel news items, with the exception of employee of the month or similar short-term honors.

It is always a good idea to send a new hire/promotion release to more than one outlet. Click here for more tips on putting together a release.

Here’s hoping the forecast storm proves to be a dud. See you on Tuesday. – Doug Rainey, publisher.

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