Delaware ranks in top half in political engagement


Source: WalletHub

Delaware ranks in the top half of state’s political engagement at a time when signs point to lower voter turnout and a lack of trust in government.

The report comes from WalletHub, a financial information website.


WalletHub took note of record low turnouts in many statewide races in 2014.

Overall, only 14.8 percent of the electorate cast their ballots compared with 18.3 percent in 2010. This downward pattern has continued since the 1960s, similar to the trend in presidial elections, the site reported.

WalletHub claimed most states don’t emphasize civic education in their schools, with much of the public  failing   even simple matters such as knowing whether one’s state requires identification in order to vote.

But of the factors that affect participation rates, the depth of one’s pockets is an important one, with implications on both voter turnout and public policy.

Income levels also play a role

“During the 2008 presidential election, only 41 percent  of eligible voters making less than $15,000 a year voted, compared to 78 percent  of those making $150,000 a year or more,” according to the Center for Voting and Democracy.

The ranking was based on seven key indicators of political engagement. They range from “percentage of registered voters in the 2012 presidential election” to “total political contributions per adult population.” Continue reading below for our findings, additional insight from political experts and a full description of our methodology.

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