Summit Aviation faces environmental fine


The state has issued a penalty of $81,426 and $12,214 in cost recovery for DNREC for Summit Aviation, located north of Middletown.

 Summit Aviation operates a full-service aviation center providing aircraft maintenance and repair services at 4200 Summit Bridge Road. DNREC conducted a compliance assessment at the site on Sept. 26 and identified 18 violations.

The order was issued Colin O’Mara, secrertary of the Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control.

 The violations include operating a hazardous waste containment building without meeting the necessary engineering design criteria; failing to make proper hazardous waste determinations; failure to properly label containers of hazardous waste and used oil, and failure to close containers of hazardous waste and used oil.

 Other violations Summit Aviation included failure to develop a contingency plan to be implemented in the event of a hazardous waste spill or release; failure to conduct weekly inspections of hazardous waste accumulation areas, and failure to provide training for its employees responsible for handling hazardous waste.

 The order can be viewed on the DNREC website at Summit Aviation has 30 days to appeal the order.


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