National park legislation introduced


Legislation has been introduced calling for a Delaware national park, patched together from historic sites and a tract of open space .

The park, if the bill gets through Congress, would be known as the First State National Historical Park.

U.S. Sen. Tom Carper had introduced an earlier bill calling for a national park.

The legislation also allows the Park Service to work with other historically significant sites that are not included in the National Park, but can be included in the National Park materials, tours and other programs.

In the past two sessions of Congress, the Delaware Congressional delegation led by Sen. Carper has introduced legislation to establish the First State National Historical Park.

The only major change in this year’s bill will be the inclusion of the Woodlawn Trustees property, which spans the Delaware-Pennsylvania border.

· Woodlawn Trustees Property

· The Old Sheriff’s House

· Old New Castle Courthouse

· New Castle Green

· Old Swedes Church National Historic Landmark

· Fort Christina National Historic Landmark

· Dover Green

· John Dickinson Plantation National Historic Landmark

· Ryves Holt House, Lewes

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