Manufacturer powers headquarters with Motech solar panels

Motech panels. Photo from Delaware Electric Cooperative.

EnterSolar  completed a 185 kilowatt   solar photovoltaic   system using Motech Americas panels for Ultrachem, Inc., a leading specialty lubricant compounder. Motech has a plant in Glasgow, Del.

The system was installed on the roof of Ultrachem’s headquarters n New Castle, Del.  The panels will generate enough energy to serve the entire annual electricity needs of the Ultrachem facility.

“We are pleased to announce the completion of this major renewable energy project,” said Bob Whiting, president of Ultrachem. “Not only will the system improve the environment by reducing our reliance on traditional fossil fuels, it also relieves our energy burden from the electric grid during peak hours which benefits the community.”  The project is participating in the Delaware SREC Pilot Program and is interconnected to the New Castle Municipal Services Commission’s utility system.

The system is expected to produce more than  200,000 kilowatt-hours per year, enough electricity  to power 30 homes annually. This amounts to a  reduction of more than 270,000 pounds of carbon emissions each year.

Derick Botha, vice president of sales and marketing at Motech Americas, commented: “We are very pleased to be working with EnterSolar providing panels manufactured in Delaware.  It is encouraging to see responsible companies in our state taking initiative to support local manufacturing while helping the environment and creating value for themselves.”

“By installing their new solar PV system, Ultrachem has further established themselves as a community business leader while demonstrating how companies can ‘do well, by doing good’,” said Paul Ahern, President of EnterSolar, “In addition to supporting the environment, Ultrachem will also see a significant reduction in electricity costs while mitigating future power price increases”.

“We were delighted to have had the Ultrachem solar project selected to participate in the new Delaware SREC Pilot Program,” said Steve Burns, EnterSolar project manager, “this program provided our client with the long-term cash flow visibility they required to make a prudent capital investment decision.” This was EnterSolar’s first major commercial solar project in Delaware. Installation services were provided by New Generation Energy & Development utilizing a workforce comprised primarily of Delaware residents.

Established in 1965, Ultrachem is one of the oldest specialty synthetic lubricant compounders and has become a leading supplier to the original equipment making  and industrial maintenance markets. With its headquarters and manufacturing facilities in Delaware, Ultrachem offers  products including food grade lubricants, impregnating oils and gels, high pressure compression lubricants, and gas compression lubricants. For additional information about Ultrachem, visit

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