Verizon's partial Internet outage resolved


    A rather strange outage on the Verizon FiOS  Internet  network seems to have been resolved. The problem  on Tuesday morning seemed to involve access to most websites.

    striatic / Foter

    “You aren’t the first person to call about this,” A Verizon technical support staffer said after a half-hour wait.

    He explained that Google was in operation, but that the system could not access other websites.  From Google, it was possible to link to other information, but not every time. The problem had reportedly been taking place during the night and one report indicated DSL service was also affected.

    By 9:30 a.m., web access appeared to be available. One bonus. After a tweet on the outage, Verizon tech  support became a follower on dougraineyde. – Doug Rainey

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