Solid Waste Authority seeks permit to expand Cherry Island landfill gas collection system

DWWA's gas extraction plant.

The Delaware Solid Waste Authority’s Cherry Island Landfill has applied for a construction permit to expand the existing landfill gas collection and removal system at its East 12thStreet, Wilmington site.

The permit will allow the continued expansion of the existing landfill gas collection and removal system permitted to operate by providing continuous landfill gas collection from all portions of the landfill and transmitting the landfill gas to the gas plant or flares at the site. Permitted emissions will remain unchanged.

A portion of the landfill gas is used to generate power for the Croda Atlas Point chemical plant and at Wllmington’s sewage treatment plant. Landfill gas, which comes from decomposing materials, is a way to provide natural gas with fewer environmental issues that come with drilling wells in western Pennsylvania and elsewhere.

Cherry Ialand Landfill. Delaware Solid Waste Authority photo.

Despite the use of collection technology, landfill gas, mainly comprised of methane, is believed to be a major source of greenhouse gases.

The application for this permit may be reviewed upon request.  The application is posted at  To submit comments, for additional information or for information regarding how you can inspect the application, please contact Jennifer Childears at (302) 739‑9402 or


A public hearing on any of the above applications will not be held unless the Natural Resources Secretary receives a request for a hearing.

A request for a hearing must be in writing., show a familiarity with the application and a reasoned statement of the permit’s probable impact, a release stated.