Delaware gas prices hold steady


Delaware’s gas prices remained largely remained unchanged as of Monday.

As of Monday, the price at the pump as of Sunday was $3.16, basically unchanged for the week but up about 17 cents during the past month as $3 a gallon gas became a memory at many stations. Delawaer’s price at the pump is now a penny or so above the national average, despite the state having the region’s lowest gas tax.

Still, Gas prices are about 25 cents lower than during the same period a year ago.

Some Wawa and Royal Farms stations have recently cut prices by a nickel a gallon. Like BJ’s and Costco, warehouse clubs continued to offer regular prices a few ticks below $3 a gallon in northern Delaware.

The nation’s average gas price had been rising due to Middle East worries as the U.S., supported by other nations, launched air strikes against rebels seeking to disrupt shipping. After service, people were killed in a drone attack in Jordan. Attacks on shippiing appeared to ease last week.


The price of crude oil has since fallen from $78 to around $72 a barrel. Even so the troubles in the Middle East have led shippers to move to longer and more expensive voyages for crude oil.

“We are in that time of year where pump prices begin to heat up, usually peaking around July,” Andrew Gross, AAA spokesperson, said last week. “But unless something shocks the global oil market and causes prices to spike, the national average for a gallon of gas will probably stagger higher, with some flat days or even small price dips along the way.”

Monday gas prices

Current Avg.$3.160$3.663$3.950$3.942
Yesterday Avg.$3.158$3.659$3.958$3.942
Week Ago Avg.$3.164$3.655$3.944$3.958
Month Ago Avg.$2.989$3.518$3.817$3.918
Year Ago Avg.$3.367$3.843$4.108$4.406

According to data from the Energy Information Administration (EIA), gas demand increased from 7.89 to 8.14 million barrels daily as of last week.

Meanwhile, total domestic gasoline stocks rose by 1.1 million barrels to 254.1 million. Higher gas demand and fluctuating oil prices contributed to increasing pump prices. If oil prices continue to face upward pressure, drivers may see pump prices rise.

Drivers can log on to AAA’s Gas Price Finder for prices in their neighborhood.