Updated: Bidens wind up vacation at home near Greenville


President Joe Biden and First Lady Jill Biden spent the remainder of the traditional August presidential vacation at their home near Greenville.

Over the weekend, the first couple flew via Marine One from Gordon’s Pond, near their North Shores Rehoboth home, to the National Guard base at Wilmington/New Castle Airport on Friday. No events were announced.

The Bidens flew out of Wilmington/New Castle Airport on Monday morning. The Monday White House schedule lists a reception honoring the World Series-winning Houston Astros.

Later on Monday, Biden will fly out of Andrews Air Force Base for the Grand Canyon.

The Biden family has traditionally chosen New England for their vacation, but this year spent the week near Rehoboth, sometimes called the “Nation’s Summer Capital,” due to the many Beltway residents who travel to or have vacation homes at the Delaware beach.


The visit to Rehoboth was good news for the coastal Delaware economy, which has seen a slight drop in hotel occupancy this year after a 2021 with severe labor shortages and more normal conditions last year. The Delaware coast has seen an increase in upscale hotel construction.

The president has refrained from longer visits during the peak summer season because he did not want to contribute to crowding at the beach town.

Biden sightings were mainly on Coastal Highway, away from downtown and ice cream shops he has been known to visit.

While in the Rehoboth, the Bidens spent some time at the beach outside their home, rode a bicycle, went to Mass, dined out at Matt’s Fish Camp, and took in the movie Oppenheimer at the area’s lone cinema complex.

Before heading to the beach, the president went to Maine to promote “Bidenomics” and efforts to spur manufacturing in the U.S. The president has received good news on the economy during the vacation, although that has not translated into gains in the polls.

The White House ruled out any pardon for Biden’s son, Hunter, after a federal judge in Wilmington put a plea deal on hold amid questions regarding the scope of exemptions from future prosecutions. After the deal fell apartment, Biden changed his plea to innocent on gun and tax charges.

The two sides were given 30 days to hammer out a plea deal.

The president held to a no-comment policy regarding the latest indictment of former President Donald Trump on dozens of charges related to his role in the Jan. 6 storming of the U.S. Capitol and efforts to overturn election results.

Biden has been able to stick with the vacation schedule this year, with no major domestic or foreign crises emerging in early August.

Early in his vacation, Biden saw cooler temperatures in Rehoboth than at his other home near Greenville. Northern Delaware was under a heat advisory. Rehoboth temperatures were in the high 80s, below the 90s in northern Delaware.

Temperatures have since cooled off in northern Delaware but are again rising.

Of late, the president has been an infrequent visitor to his Greenville-area residence.

Critics, like the Murdoch-owned New York Post and Fox News, continue to hammer away at the amount of time the President spends away from the White House. They point out that Trump spent more time at the Executive Mansion than Biden, despite having Florida and New Jersey golf estates.

Trump spends his summers at the north Jersey estate and traveled by his jet to Washington, D.C., for his arraignment in federal court.