State Supreme Court denies demand for info on Biden’s Senate records agreement with UD


The Delaware Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling turning down a demand by two conservative organizations seeking information on President Joe Biden’s Senate records at the University of Delaware.

Judicial Watch and The Daily Caller made the demand amid claims of misconduct by the former senator and vice president.

Delaware Superior Court rejected the claim in 2022.

Click here for a copy of the one-page order.

The long-running case included an earlier Supreme Court decision that sent the case back to Superior Court, citing a lack of grounds for the University of Delaware denying the demand.


The FBI did search the Senate records at UD in probing classified record handling by Biden.

Senate records laws differ from the president and allow records to remain secret.

Judicial Watch monitors and files court cases involving actions by Democrats. Daily Caller is an online site co-launched by former Fox talk show host Tucker Carlson, who later sold his interest. The late Foster Freiss, a mutual fund company owner in Delaware who later moved to Wyoming and ran for governor, was an investor in the Daily Caller.

Judicial Watch questioned the validity of presidential election and in November of 2020 stated that Biden should not be declared President-Elect.