Biondi remembered for role in bringing financial jobs to Delaware


O. Francis Biondi is being remembered as a giant in Delaware legal and financial circles.

Biondi passed away late last month at 90.

Biondi, a Democrat, is credited with being the architect and forceful l advocate of the Delaware Financial Center Act that brought tens of thousands of banking jobs to the state.

Republican Gov Pete du Pont championed the act, which turnedd around a deeply troubled Delaware economy.

Biondi was known for his ability to bring members of both parties together in passing the legislation that removed caps on interest rates and included other incentives that brought financial jobs to the state.


Despite predictions that jobs would eventually flee to lower-cost states, financial services employment in the state has remained stable during a period when many banks shed jobs.

In 2016, Biondi was the recipient of the Josiah Marvel Cup Award from the Delaware State Chamber of Commerce for his contributions to the state.

(See video tribute below)

Biondi, Esq. was admitted to the Delaware Bar in 1958 and has served as president of the Delaware State Bar Association and Delaware Bar Foundation.

Biondi was a Senior Partner at the Wilmington law firm of Morris, Nichols, Arsht & Tunnell LLP prior to his retirement in 2001.

In a tribute to Biondi posted on Monday, Morris Nichols Senior Counsel Michael Houghton described Biondi as “a force of nature. He materially impacted −and improved− the business and political shape of Delaware for decades, and he did the same for Morris Nichols and those who worked closely with him. “What I achieved both as a lawyer and as individual with modest impact on government and policy is because of Frank Biondi.”

No formal announcements regarding his passing were made.