Stellantis will continue to supply Delaware with Jeeps


Automaker Stellantis will continue to supply Jeeps in Delaware as the controversy continues over 2035 vehicle standards.

A Delaware Business Times story indicated the manufacturer was halting regular shipments of a couple of gas model Jeeps Wranglers to dealers in states that operate under California emissions standards. The story cited a Delaware auto dealer who said he had received a communication from the company indicating that regular shipments of the Wranglers woujd weren’t planned, although vehicles could be ordered.

A look at online inventories showed dozens of 2023 Jeep Wranglers available around the state. Vehicle manufacturers have been seeing bigger inventories on their lots after lean years during the Covid-19 pandemic. There has been speculation that car and truck-makers want to shift to built-to-order production as a way to cut costs.

Stallantis, whose product lines include French and Italian auto compaies, as well as Jeep, Ram, Chrysler and Dodge lines, issued the following:

“Stellantis is well on its way to an electrified future marked by a $35-billion investment to support the introduction of 25 BEVs by 2030, with the first vehicle hitting the road this year. Shortly after Stellantis was formed, we approached California about joining the “framework” negotiated with some of our competitors that would allow Stellantis to comply with alternative California standards based on our nationwide sales. 


According to the statement, the automaker was “informed that California was not allowing any new companies into the framework.  The communication to our dealers simply acknowledges the reality that we may need to adjust vehicle allocations among the California and federal states to ensure that Stellantis complies with different standards in the California states.  We will continue to support our dealer network as they work to meet the needs of our consumers during this time, and we will continue to seek a level playing field for our company and our dealers. The ultimate solution rests with a program that allows compliance based on sales in all 50 states.”

Delaware is currently considering the California standard that would limit sales by 2035 o to 80% all-electrics and 20% plug-in hybrids that combine batteries with internal combustion engines. The 2035 standard has been fiercely opposed by state Republican leigslators and the state party, which has held town halls around the state to mobilize opposition.

Delaware and 16 other states have followed California emissions standards in recent decades and have been considering the 2035 mandate.

The decision on California tandards rests with Delaware environmental secretary Shawn Garvin.