Legislation takes aim at Delaware’s soaring traffic fatalities


Highway safety is on the agenda in the Delaware General Assembly with several pieces of legislation in the hopper, including stepped-up speeding enforcement and the use of green lights on snowplows.

The green lights are said to be more visible during periods of snowfall that the state did not see last winter.

Delaware tied its record high for traffic fatalities set in 1988, with 165 lives lost on our roadways. This comes despite advancements in vehhicle safety systems and changes in licensing for young drivers.

The effort to reduce fatalities and injuries includes the following legislation:

◦ Increased enforcement for speeding and distracted drivers, with stiffened penalties and additional state troopers.


◦ Increase multi-modal safety investments statewide

◦ Increased enforcement of illegal truck parking

◦ A Wrong way driver pilot program that uses the latest technology to alert officials and the driver.

◦ Increased intersection safety measures to discourage blocking the intersection and red light runners. block the box and red light running

Also introduced was a bill to allow the use of speed cameras. A temporary program during the I-95-Wilmington project appeared to cut the number of accidents. (See story below)

Further information is available at de.gov/trafficsafety