Chemours introduces coating material designed to meet current, future sustainability standards

Chemours titanium plant in Mexico. Chemours photo.

The Chemours Company introduced Ti-Pure TS-6700 for waterborne architectural coatings that use titanium dioxide in pigments

Designed to meet the sustainability requirements facing coating producers, Ti-Pure TS-6700 titanium oxide is designed and produced with a bio-based organic surface treatment that brings together pigment performance, paint processing, and sustainability, a release stated. It is designed to meet current and future sustainability standards.

This grade meets current as well as anticipated regulatory requirements for materials.

“Regulators have made their intentions clear for manufacturers to begin making plans to eliminate TMP from product formulations. As such, Ti-Pure TS-6700 was developed to provide our coatings customers with a solution that meets these evolving requirements while still empowering them to create products with best-in-class performance,” said Cristiana Borrelli, senior director, Global Technology and marketing at Chemours. “This launch is a reflection of our commitment to serving as a true partner to our customers in support of their current sustainability goals while positioning them for long-term success by keeping an eye on future needs.”

Ti-Pure TS-6700 is produced with 100% renewable electricity to help customers advance their sustainability goals of reducing carbon dioxide emissions.


Titanium dioxide is mined by Chemours in Florida, Georgia, and Mexico.

Chemours has its headquarters in Wilmington and a research and development center at the STAR Campus in Newark.