Airline notes: Avelo has fun with ‘Taco Tuesday’ post as carrier continues to add destinations


Avelo Airlines is not ignoring Taco Bell’s trademark battle over the term “Taco Tuesday.”

The airline serving Wilmington Airport (ILG) issued a release that jokingly hinted at one-day offering tacos on flights.

Avelo Airlines General Counsel Daniel Camejo stated, “When we heard the news, we just couldn’t contain our disbelief. How could someone dare try to usurp the sanctitude of Tuesdays? It’s a day that brings immense joy to all taco enthusiasts and jet-setters alike. We feel a shared bond with Taco Bell because, hey, we too were inspired by the magic of ‘Taco Tuesday’ when we conjured up ‘Free Ticket Tuesday.’ Great minds do think alike, after all.”

Avelo recently offered the Tuesday promotion.

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The release made its way to an Orlando TV station website which indicated Avelo was collaborating with Taco Bell on food offerings. That may lead to an awkward moment if a traveler asks for the menu.


Avelo is food and drink-free on its nonstops. Bottled water is available. BYO sandwiches and cold tacos and burritos can make their way through ILG’s TSA security as long as the items are not leaking and scanning does not detect something suspicious.

Avelo is poised to add nine Sun Belt cities to its ILG schedule in late June. It now serves five Florida routes, usually a couple of times a week Avelo will base two jets at the airport, up from one.

Avelo’s strategy is to base jets in underused airports as a way to build local ties and avoid issues that come with the complex route systems of major carriers.

Avelo adds flights in response to summer travel boom

In May, Avelo annunced some interesting routes from Orlando and Burbank. The carrier will serve Brownsville, Texas (near Padre Island on the gulf) from Orlando and Burbank.

Avelo is also tapping into the fascination with Montana, arising from the popularity of TV drama, Yellowstone, From Burbank, Avelo will offer seasonal flights to Bozeman, a gateway to the Yellowstone area as well as Kaispell, an airport near Glacier National Park. Also added from Burbank are flights to the scenic Colorado Springs area.

Major airlines fly into the above destinations and added service during the pandemic when travelers sought out outoor destinations. Avelo hopes to tap into that market by offering low fares as an alternative to busy hubs like LA International.