WhipFlip car selling service reports deeper ties with data company JDPower


WhipFlip, a Wilmington-based car-buying company announced a strengthening of its relationship with JD Power.

The two-year-old company that uses artificial intelligence technology in the selling process has established relationships with companies such as JD Power to navigate the hurdles of providing the best possible customer experience while maintaining razor-thin margins, a release stated.

The company has navigatged a used vehicle market with ups and downs in pricing as the nation emerged from the Covid-19 pandemic.

The service allows sales and appraisals to be made via smartphone, with the vehicle picked up at the customer’s residence.

JDPower is known for its consumer ratings on vehicles, banks, and airlines.


Roger Clappe, CEO of WhipFlip said, “From the very beginning, when we set out on our journey to fundamentally change how anyone can sell a car in a completely frictionless manner within minutes from their driveway, we knew that we needed to partner with the best in the industry to assist us in achieving our goal. The team at JD Power has been instrumental in providing us with the data, tools, and frequent industry insights that we needed to adapt and prosper.”

WhipFlip is planning to step up its expansion in additional markets.

Clappe earlier led Webuyanycar.com’s expansion in the US.  He later built and overhauled sales and operations teams at Creditsafe USA and TradeRev.