Rankings: Delaware 7th in foreclosures, 11th in inflation impact, 3rd in gasoline price drop


Delaware ranks in the top 15 when it comes to the impact of inflation, according to SmartAsset.

The website compared data from all 50 states across seven metrics related to poverty, unemployment, inflation, and housing insecurity. Delaware has one of the nation’s highest jobless rates, with high rates of food and housing insecurity.

RankStateDec 2022 jobless ratePeople Experiencing Recent Housing InsecurityPeople Experiencing Recent Food InsufficiencyPoverty Rate
3West Virginia4.1%6.2%11.3%16.8%
6North Carolina3.9%5.1%13.4%13.4%
8New York4.3%11.3%11.8%13.9%
14Kentucky (Tie)4.0%5.2%12.5%16.5%
14South Carolina (Tie)3.3%5.1%11.7%14.6%
Source: SmartAsset

SmartAsset noted that no households are exempt from the impact of rising prices for household goods which have gone up by 40% in the last couple of years

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First State seventh in foreclosures


Online lender SoFi reported that the February home foreclosure rate for Delaware ranked seventh in the nation.

Neighboring New Jersey and Maryland ranked first and second, respectively. Washington, D.C., and South Dakota had the lowest foreclosure rates.

Delaware has seen high foreclosure rates since the mortgage crisis of 2008 and 2009. SoFi reported an uptick nationwide in foreclosures after a decline late last year

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Delaware 3rd in gas price decline

Delaware had the third-largest decrease in gas prices nationwide according to a report from LendingTree.

Gas prices in Delaware dropped from $3.61 in 2022 to $3.14 in 2023, a decrease of 13%.

South Carolina saw the largest decrease in gas prices, down 13.7%.

Some western states, notably Colorado, saw higher prices today than during the same period a year ago.

The average gas price on March 1, 2023, was $3.36 per gallon, down from $3.95 in 2022.

Gas prices tend to be volatile in Delaware and the region, with 10-cent-a-gallon spikes not uncommon.

You can view the full study that includes states with the highest and lower gas prices here.