My take – Survey says nearly two in three respondents favor legal marijuana

The message from readers of our newsletter is loud and clear. Despite concerns over impaired driving, health, and workplace issues, the legalization of recreational marijuana enjoys widespread support.
The findings track with previous polls over the years that have shown residents strongly favoring legalization. Still, the nearly two-thirds margin is surprising since businesspeople would face workplace challenges arising from legal weed. Backers of the bill say legalization will not affect workplace testing and related policies.
Still, legalization faces a rocky road ahead, thanks to opposition from Gov. John Carney who vetoed nearly identical bills last year. Delaware, unlike New Jersey and Maryland, has no direct vote mechanism that would have already led to legalization.
Opponents have included elements of the medical community, some in law enforcement, and the AAA (auto club). Other groups have remained on the sidelines.
The key to overturning a veto could lie with Republican legislators residing below the canal who continue to side with Carney, but would score political points and whittle away at the widely held perception of the state’s GOP being the “party of no.”
A shake-up in the House GOP leadership seemed to indicate a shift in direction, although it is hard to detect any movement in the state Senate. You can still vote through this link.Doug Rainey, chief content officer