Hunter Biden files counterclaim against former computer shop owner


Hunter Biden has filed a counter against former Wilmington computer repair shop owner John Paul Mac Isaac that, among other things, alleges that the Trolley Square repairman invaded his privacy, viewed content before 90 days listed on a repair order, and did not follow Delaware law regarding unclaimed property.

The action was filed in U.S. District Court in Delaware. Isaac had earlier filed suit against Biden, a Congressman and news organizations.

The contents of the laptop became an issue during the 2020 election campaign that pitted Hunter’s father, Joe Biden against incumbent President Donald Trump.

At one point, Mac Isaac held a press conference at his store regarding the computer’s contents later closed the Apple Macintosh computer business in the Wilmington neighborhood claiming harassment. He went on to write a book about his experience.

News organizationsn other than the New York Post, did not pursue a story on the laptop’s contents with people within the Trump circle claiming that wider coverage of the computer’s contents would have allowed Trump to win.


The former president continues to claim that election fraud led to his defeat.

Hunter Biden remains under investigation by the office U.S. District Attorney for Delaware David Weiss. Weiss was remained in the post due to the ongoing nature of the Hunter Biden case. Issues are believed to center on taxes and business activities in Ukraine.

Republicans have been calling for the appointment of a special prosecutor and made Hunter Biden the subject of a House committee hearings.

Click here for a copy of the counterclaim.