Covid hospital stays decline with bulk of serious cases coming from those not up to date on shots

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 Delaware saw a decrease in case rates and hospitalizations from Covid-19 according to a monthly report from the Delaware Division of Public Health.

The report showed that the vast majority of those hospitalized with Covid-19 were not up to date on their vaccinations and urged Delawareans to get, boosters or vaccine. Fewer than one in four Delawareans are fully up to date on booster shots. (See chart below).

While Covid rates are down from the peak of the pandemic, thousands of individuals are still being hospitalized.  From October 8, 2022 through the end of February 2023, 3,570 people were newly admitted to Delaware hospitals with confirmed or suspected cases. The daily total of new admissions was highest on January 6, 2023, when 62 people were admitted to the hospital on that day.

Serious Covid-19 cases typically peak after the holidays.

Treatment is available via pills that can be taken at home or an IV infusion, depending on the indiviedual’s situation. Treatment is most effective if started within five days of symptoms beginning. If an individual who tests positive is over age 50, is unvaccinated, or has pre-existing medical conditions, they should contact their healthcare provider or visit a test-to-treat location to see if treatment is the best option. Furhter information is available at


The other tools that have proven successful include staying home if sick and getting tested if symptoms arise or if the individual is exposed to someone with Covid-19 Wearing a mask if cases totals are high or if in contact with an immunocompromised individual; Individuals who are unsure about whether they are current on their vaccinations should visit to view a chart outlining all current vaccination situations and age groups and detailing actions that should be taken.

As the federal Public Health Emergency  for Covid-19 is expected to end on May 11, the State of Delaware and those at DPH prepare for the many changes that will come.  The Division of Public Health has been working to update its data collection methods and determine which data sets will be available and most accurate for analysis following the end of the Public Health Emergency.

Full data on the impact of the pandemic in Delaware since its onset and current analysis continues to be available on the MyHealthyCommunity portal here.

Covid-19 cases and hospitalizations:

  • Total positive cases since March 11, 2020: 332,526
  • 7-day daily average of new positive cases: 55.7, a decrease of 89.4 average new positive cases reported since last month.
  • 7-day daily average for the percentage of total positive tests: 6.7 percentage points, a decrease of 6.3 percentage points from last month.
  • Hospitalizations: 78 current hospitalizations, 7 critical hospitalizations
  • Total Covid-19 deaths: 3,342 – an increase of 54 from last month.
  • Case and testing data are based on reporting of lab-confirmed tests only. The number of Covid-19 cases in the community is higher than the number reported due to the use of at-home test kits.

COVID-19 vaccinations:

  • Total number of doses administered in Delaware (CDC data): 2,160,480
  • Percentage of Delawareans who have completed the primary vaccine series (CDC data): 73.4%
  • Percentage of Delawareans 5+ who have received an updated bivalent booster dose (CDC data): 21.9%

Case vaccination status report:

The following reports capture a weekly breakdown of non-boosted cases, deaths, and hospitalizations for the time frame of March 6, 2023 – March 12, 2023.

Not up-to-date: case – hospital – death

Weekly Overview
(03/06/23 – 03/12/23) 
Not up-to-date Cases 
Total Not up-to-date Cases 396 
Total Cases 440 
Percent of Not up-to-date Cases 90% 
Not up-to-date Hospitalized Cases 
Total Not up-to-date Hospitalized Cases 196 
Total Hospitalized Cases 244 
Percent of Not up-to-date Cases 80% 
Not up-to-date Deaths 
Total Not up-to-date Deaths 
Total COVID-19 Deaths 
Percent of Not up-to-date Deaths 0%