Vice Chancellor Glasscock takes time off after accident at home

Glasscock. Court of Chancery photo.

Vice Chancellor Sam Glasscock III has taken time off from his position after an accident in his home, on February 1.

Glasscock was rushed to the hospital for emergency surgery. He now at home and in good spirits, according to a statement from the court. Details of the mishap were not disclosed.

“We are very pleased that Vice Chancellor Glasscock is doing well and are hoping for a speedy recovery that will allow him to return to the bench soon,” said Chancellor Kathaleen St. J. McCormick. “In the meantime, the Court of Chancery will be taking steps to ensure that court operations are not unduly affected and that Vice Chancellor Glasscock will have the time he needs to focus on a full recovery.”

Cases that are lacking urgency will remain on the Vice Chancellor’s docket and will be monitored by Chancellor McCormick. Pressing matters will be reassigned to other judicial officers as the need arises. All parties involved in cases that are reassigned will be notified by the court, the satement noted.

Vice Chancellor Glasscock stated that he is “committed to minimizing inconvenience to litigants and the bar and looks forward to returning to full duty soon.”


Chancery Court has been expanded over the years, due to the growing complexity of corporate cases.

Glasscock was appointed vice chancellor by then Gov. Jack Markell. He previously served as master in Chancery, a position that deals with disputes and makes recommendations to the court. He also served in the state Attorney General’s office.

Glasscock is also a graduate of the University of Delaware.

Chancery is the nation’s leading state business court.