My take: Loudell, Biden and Ukraine


In reading a Politico story on President Biden’s surprise visit to Kyiv, it was noted that the former U.S. Senator from Delaware had visited the capital of Ukraine several times.

It brought back memories of the late Allan Loudell’s conversations with the well-traveled U.S. Sen. Biden on WILM’s mid-day newscast. Biden and Loudell would match wits on their knowledge of foreign affairs.

Back then, Loudell ran up impressive phone bills in touching base with pundits from around the globe. After leaving WILM, Loudell took the format to WDEL.

The mastery of Biden and Loudell on the world affairs front was impressive, especially when it came to obscure nations few of us could pick out on a map. At times, Allan would hold a contest that tested listeners’ knowledge of such places. It was a public radio-style program, only better.

Biden and Loudell discussed the dangers facing Europe and the Middle East, although there was more emphasis on global terrorism from outlaw organizations rather than nations.


Sadly, most of us at the time had only a passing knowledge of Ukraine, a nation of 40 million with the largest land area in Europe. That lack of interest was a factor in the free world pretty-much standing by while Russian invaded portions of Ukraine, including Crimea.

To be clear, this took place at a time when Ukraine lacked the military power needed to put up a fight but emboldened Russia’s Putin to seek a Hitler-like final solution that would wipe Ukraine from the map. The realization that Putin had diabolical plans led to increased military assistance from the U.S. and NATO during both the Obama and, yes, Trump years.

I am sure news on the number of visits will not be lost on those claiming without evidence the president was profiting from ties to the nation. There is also the matter of son Hunter’s involvement with a Ukrainian gas company. Let’s also not forget then-President Trump’s phone call to Ukrainian President Zelinskyy that requested an investigation of the Bidens.

Setting that history aside, it is clear that the majority of Americans favor continuing military aid to Ukraine and its fight for survival. Yes, public support is down from the peak. Today, Biden made it clear that the U.S. will do its part while he remains in office. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.