Legislation raising Delaware jobless benefit to $450 a week signed by governor


Gov. John Carney House signed a bill that will raise maximum unemployment benefits from $400 to $450 a week.

The bill passed both the Senate and House without a no vote.

The maximum payment in Delaware was last raised from $330 a week to $440 in 2019.

Delaware ranks in the lower tier of states when it comes to its maximum weekly unemployment payment. Neighboring Pennsylvania has a maximum benefit of $572 a week.

Unemployment benefits are paid through a trust fund that is financed by employers and employees.


Bill sponsors said the state has sufficient funds to pay for the increase in 2023 and has made other changes. Delaware and other states received federal funds to shore up their trust funds when the early months of the Covid-19 pandemic led to skyrocketing jobless rates.

The Delaware Department of Labor reported that unemployment tax assessment changes will reduce the tax obligation of employers by an estimated $50 million in 2023.

Delaware has seen spikes in unemployment over the years that have led to deficits in its jobless trust fund. With what many see as the approach of a recession, a shortfall could occur again with the potential to raise unemployment insurance rates.

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