Gas prices jump as weather here and elsewhere remains mild


Delaware gas prices have risen by more than a quarter a gallon during the past week, AAA reported.

According to new data from the Energy Information Administration, demand rose from 7.56 to 8.05 million barrels a day last week.

In what has become a regular pattern, Delaware gasoline prices have risen faster than the national average. As of Monday, the price for regular in Delaware was four cents above the national figure after weeks of being below the U.S. average..

For the driver of a large pickup truck, the weekly price spike adds $6 or more to the cost of a fill-up.

Despite messy West Coast weather, a mild winter elsewhere in the nation may have led to more driving.


Meanwhile, total domestic gasoline stocks increased by 3.5 million barrels to 230.3 million bbl. Rising gas demand has contributed to higher pump prices. Prices could continue to increase over the weekend.

Crude oil was trading at nearly $82 a barrel after being in the 70s.

Gas price trends

Current Avg.$3.462$3.864$4.143$4.384
Yesterday Avg.$3.459$3.850$4.126$4.382
Week Ago Avg.$3.189$3.652$3.910$4.194
Month Ago Avg.$2.950$3.424$3.720$4.776
Year Ago Avg.$3.231$3.626$3.886$3.671
From AAA

Price leaders Wawa and Royal Farms posted prices for regular at $3.50 a gallon at many of their locations around the state. The AAA Fuel Price Finder reported the Sun station in Middletown was posting a $3.14 a gallon price, perhaps the lowest in the state. Gas prices are subject to change and many independent stations require cash for the lowest price.

Crude prices continue to be affected by concerns that a recession could occur this year. If economic growth stalls or reverses course, oil demand will likely decline, and prices will follow, AAA reported.