Covid-19 cases decline after holiday uptick


Delaware saw a decline in Covid-19 cases last week, with the virus claiming the lives of 23 people with underlying health conditions.

However, as of Jan. 17, two new deaths were reported in the past week, with 21 coming from a review of records between November and January.

The individuals ranged in age from their 50s to 90s, 23 had underlying health conditions, 6 were residents of long-term facilities, and 15 were fully vaccinated (completed the primary series). 11 were from New Castle County, four were from Kent County and eight were from Sussex County.

The number of individuals who died from Covid-19 and had received booster vaccines was not recorded. However, a previous monthly report indicated that the vast majority of those who died had not received boosters.

Delaware’s total number of Covid-related deaths stands at 3,243, approximately the number of people who live within the corporate limits of Milton in Susse County.


Other Numbers:

  • 150.6 new positive cases in the seven-day rolling average (down 70.7 from the previous week). The overall total number of positive cases is 325,083.
  • 197 people were hospitalized as of Tuesday, Jan. 17 (down five from the previous week), including 10 in critical condition.
  • 13.4% of total tests were positive in the 7-day rolling average (down 2.2 percentage points from the previous week).
  • 73.1% of Delaware residents have completed the primary vaccine series (according to the CDC Vaccine Tracker, which is updated on Thursdays).
  • 20.3% of Delaware residents ages five and older have received an updated bivalent booster dose (according to the CDC Vaccine Tracker, which is updated on Thursdays).

For more data, including breakdowns by age, sex, race/ethnicity, at the statewide, county, and, in some cases, zip code or census tract level, click here.