Average gas price in Delaware drops to $2.92 a gallon


AAA reported Monday that the average price of gas in Delaware slipped to $2.92 a gallon as the holiday travel season contiues.

Motorists are now paying about $9.75 less for a 15-gallon fill-up as of Thursday when compared to the same day a month ago and $4.65 less than a year ago. Filling up a 23-gallon pickup truck gas tank would save the owner upwards of $15 over a month ago.

Diesel fuel fell to $4.72 a gallon, but is still well above the price of regular, due in part to seasonal demand for deliveries and refining shortages.

AAA reported that Delaware had the ninth-largest drop in gas prices this week. See below.

Arizona (−18 cents), Idaho (−18 cents), Indiana (−17 cents), Nevada (−16 cents), Ohio (−15 cents), Illinois (−15 cents), Michigan (−15 cents), Delaware (−14 cents), Utah (−14 cents) and Wyoming (−14 cents).


Prices well below the $3 mark were widely available in Delaware with a few stations selling regular below $2.80 a gallon AAA’s Fuel Price Finder Finder reported that Citgo station in Middletown was selling regular gas at $2.78 a gallon for a cash-only sale.

Delaware’s Dec. 26 average gas prices

Current Avg.$2.918$3.391$3.691$4.718
Yesterday Avg.$2.923$3.400$3.692$4.730
Week Ago Avg.$3.062$3.525$3.808$4.932
Month Ago Avg.$3.569$4.044$4.338$5.744
Year Ago Avg.$3.284$3.679$3.928$3.601
From AAA

“It’s been 15 months since the gas price average was below $3 per gallon in Delaware,” said Jana Tidwell, manager of Public and Government Affairs for AAA Mid-Atlantic, Wilmington “After peaking in mid-June at $4.99 per gallon, prices in the First State, as well as around the country, have fallen consistently as crude oil prices have moved to trade in the $70 per barrel range and gasoline demand has fallen off as winter weather blankets the country, curbing driving behaviors.”

The national average price for regular grade, self-service gasoline is $3.10 per gallon, down nine cents in the past week, down 53 cents from a month ago, down 19 cents from this time last year, and down $1.91 per gallon since setting an all-time record high of $5.01 on June 14.

Multiple factors determine prices at the pump – the price of crude oil (50-60% of a gallon of gasoline is made up of crude oil), refining costs, taxes, supply and demand, international conflict, economic uncertainty, Covid, and the recently ended hurricane season to name a few.