Our view: Covering Cecil County business


A post on Grocery Outlet opening a store in Elkton, MD  generated thousands of visits to our website and added a hint of controversy to our Facebook business page. 

Meanwhile, the  pending opening of the store said to feature  discounts and closeouts was the most viewed post on our site  in the past week.

But that did not impress a couple of  commenters who  wondered why Delaware Business Now had strayed across the Mason-Dixon line.

One advised  DBN  to stay focused or perhaps add Maryland to our name. Another claimed  that no one cares about Cecil County.

Contrary to those views, this humble website and newsletter has always covered business news from the county next door, with the stories attracting plenty of eyeballs.


Cecil County is not a “media desert” but has  the Cecil Daily website, which comes with aggressive  subscription  “paywall” and occasional  gaps in coverage brought on by a shrinking reporting crew.

The paywalled Baltimore Business Journal does chime in with a few pieces on big projects, but pretty much stays on the other side of the Susquehanna.

A downsized  Baltimore Sun also has a “hard paywall” with little access for non-subscribers. Crime and accident stories  trickle in via Baltimore TV stations, but coverage is spotty, unless it involves a major crime or serious accident on I-95

This is unfortunate, since Cecil County, as noted in the Grocery Outlet post above, has a growing economy and plenty of ties to the neighboring Newark area that includes Bear-Glasgow.

We’ll continue to cover business news that pops up in Cecil County as well as adjacent areas of Delaware and Chester, County, PA.- Doug Rainey, chief content officer