Updated My take: Mail-in voting revisited


Hello everyone, 

Earlier in the month, I received a message from state elections chief Anthony Albence who apologized after he found an Email sent to me ended up in the Out Box. I had earlier signed up for mail-in voting, only to see the state Supreme Court declare mail-in voting and same-day registration unconstitutional.

At the time, I was concerned about an absentee ballot arriving in time as I would be out of state when early voting got underway.  It turned out that my worries were unfounded. The absentee ballot was quickly delivered, and I had not given any thought to the lack of a response. Albence had a lot on his plate.
Later, State Rep. and business owner Michael Ramone, R-Newark, ended up in a race that was so tight that it triggered a recount. Ramone, prevailing by a razor-thin margin, praised the work of the Department of Elections and the courts. 
It is now time for Remone, recently named House Minority Leader and fellow Republicans, to work toward the passage of a vote-by-mail amendment. Despite their misgivings and delays voting by mail works well in both red and blue states.

In the spirit of compromise, same-day registration could be taken off the table, and a bipartisan panel, working on a tight deadline, could answer any objections. From a strategic point of view, a compromise offer from the Dems would help answer the question of whether the GOP wishes to follow the lead of the former president in opposing something that the party had long accepted and even championed.

A constitutional amendment authorizing mail-in voting or no-excuse absentee ballots would be the right thing to do. Based on a recent poll, 66% of voters agree.–  – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.