Chancery rules against church claim that Covid restrictions caused irreparable harm


A Chancery Court ruling cited a lack of jurisdiction in ruling against plaintiffs in a case over churches being injured by Covid-19 restrictions in 2020.

Attorneys claimed churches were irreparably harmed by the restrictions from Gov. John Carney during the peak of the pandemic.

Some congregations reportedly defied the restrictions, but no public cases were reported over state government taking action Most houses of worship honored the restrictions. Lawyers argued the restrictions violated the Constitution’s guarantees of free speech and religion.

Vice Chancellor Travis Laster wrote the Chancery Court is a court of equity, adding that Superior Court would be the proper jurisdiction. He also noted that the restrictions were eased and ended two years ago.

Laster also noted that the state entered into an agreement on a federal lawsuit regarding the restrictions.


Legal battles over the Covid restrictions have continued, with some groups pushing to make certain that government officials can never again impose restrictions on businesses, schools and churches that came at the urging of public health officials.

The Covid-19 pandemic claimed 3,200 lives in Delaware

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