USWind has its sights set on bringing powerlines ashore in Delaware


Both of the region’s offshore wind projects plan want to have powerlines come ashore in Delaware.

A filing with the federal Bureau of Offshore Management from USWind indicates that the project wants to bring electric power generated from offshore turbines to substations near Indian River Inlet.

The Cape Gazette reported that survey vessels are now working near the coast to survey conditions for installing the powerlines.

Ørsted, the developer of the Skipjack wind project did similar work earlier this year in the same general area.

Ørsted earlier abandoned plans to bring a powerline into a portion of Fenwick Island State Park after environmental concerns surfaced.


Both the Skipjack and USWind projects are 16 miles off the coasts of Delaware and Maryland. Both could be in operation in 2026.

The power generated by the two projects will count towards Maryland’s renewable energy mix, with fabrication work done in that state.

However, Delaware is expected to benefit from construction work that will include powerlines connecting to coastal substantions.

The Indian River Inlet area has electrical infrastructure in place thanks to the presence of the coal and fuel oil-fueled power plant.

The Indian River plant had been slated for closing this year, due to high operating costs. However, regional grid operator PJM asked that the plant to remain open for a few more years while the grid is modified to take into account the loss of the power from the generating site.

Ocean City, MD’s mayor has opposed the offshore projects, citing possible damage to tourism.

In Delaware, the Glasgow-based Caesar Rodney Institute has been a vocal opponent, with the public policy group’s energy chief involved in a legal attempt to halt a project off Massachusetts.

Objections range from claims of harm to fishing and marine life to the cost of electricity generated by windpower.

USWind is a development of Italy-based Renexia SPA, a part of the Toto Holding. Ørsted is a Danish company that is developing wind power sites along the East Coast.

Click here for the USWind report to BOEM.