Delaware gas prices falling with Milton stations posting $3.70 a gallon price


Delaware gas prices continued their decline over the weekend after dropping to the $4 mark last week, AAA reported. 

As of Monday, the price at the pump fell to $3.93, down about a penny from a day earlier and seven cents from a week earlier.

In mid-June,  Delaware motorists saw the average price for regular hit $4.99 a gallon.


Delaware average gas prices

  Regular Mid-Grade Premium Diesel
Current Avg. $3.932 $4.402 $4.669 $4.966
Yesterday Avg. $3.945 $4.410 $4.694 $4.980
Week Ago Avg. $4.090 $4.549 $4.825 $5.121
Month Ago Avg. $4.607 $5.049 $5.324 $5.617
Year Ago Avg. $3.019 $3.423 $3.680 $3.299

Beachgoers are seeing the lowest prices in Delaware, with prices in Sussex County about eight cents lower than in New Castle County.

Two stations in Milton, at the edge of the coastal area of Sussex, posted prices of $3.70 a gallon for regular as of Monday, according to AAA’s Fuel Finder..

On Monday, gas was widely available at $3.85 a gallon.

Prices are subject to change and can be higher if credit cards are used.

Still, the price of regular remains, on average, more than 90 cents higher than during the same period a year ago.

Analysts say the decline is due to Americans making changes to their driving habits driven in part by inflation. Unlike gasoline, prices tend to stick on groceries and other everyday items.

The price of crude oil has also dropped below $90  a barrel after flirting with $120 after the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

As the nation moves toward Labor Day, there are dangers from geopolitical tensions with China and Russia and Gulf Coast hurricanes.