Blue Hen Car Wash sold

Blue Hen Car Wash

Blue Hen Car Wash has been sold  to the Wills Group’s Splash In. Blue Hen has locations in Newark and north Wilmington.

Blue Hen is a two-site express car wash brand in Delaware founded in 2013 by owner and operator Jack Quinn.  Splash In has 48 rollover car washes and one express car wash across the Mid-Atlantic region.”

Wills has 280 car wash locations in the Mid-Atlantic. Car Wash Advisory, LLC handled the transaction.

“Wills Group President and Chief Operating Officer Blackie Wills and his team at the Wills Group are an extremely professional, first-class organization and it was a true pleasure to work with them throughout the entire transaction,” said Quinn. “They are a buyer that I would not have identified on my own and is an example of the great benefit of Car Wash Advisory’s services and their structured sale process which achieved a great outcome for Blue Hen.”

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