Republican senators not happy with Dems’ plan to launch removal proceedings for Auditor McGuiness


Republican state senators don’t believe that Democratic State Auditor Kathy McGuiness is not getting a fair shake from senators from the same party who have launched removal proceedings.

McGuiness was convicted of three misdemeanor charges related to her conduct as Auditor.

Members of the Delaware State Senate Republican Caucus issued the following after the announcement of Monday’s special session to consider Senate Concurrent Resolution 128.

Senate President Pro Tempore, David Sokola, announced the Delaware State Senate will reconvene on Monday, July 25, to consider the resolution that will lead to hearings on the removal of McGuiness from office.

“Our caucus maintains the same position that we did when the initial, and later withdrawn, charges were announced: Auditor McGuiness is entitled to due process. In its press release on July 5, 2022, Governor Carney’s office stated, “However, it is the Governor’s responsibility under the law to await the final determination of the court and then to determine his constitutional obligations after the entry of judgment.” Likewise, the introduction and debate of SCR 128 is premature. The continued push for removal prior to the conclusion of a criminal trial is troubling and strikes at the bedrock principle of the presumption of innocence.”

Republican legislators have been supportive of McGuiness, an unusual position regarding a member of the opposite  political party. 

McGuiness is running for a second term and faces a Democratic opponent in the primary. Republicans also have a candidate running for the post.

Her lawyer is now seeking a dismissal of charges and a retrial.