Memorabilia company opens secure storage site in New Castle area


Collectors has launched  Collectors Vault, a service that authenticates, grades, researches, stores, buys, and sells collectibles through one platform.

The company earlier announced plans for a secure storage facility for collectables in the New Castle area.

Delaware has become a popular site for secure storage, thanks to its East Coast location and the lack of a sales tax. In recent years, rare coin and wine storage sites have been announced.


A release stated that Collectors Vault combines secure storage with services from Collectors to create a platform for the card collecting hobby.

Collectors and investors can submit their items for authentication and grading of card values through PSA while transferring those items directly to Collectors Vault for secure storage.

Customers will also soon be able to list their items in the vault for sale on the Goldin marketplace. Items purchased through Goldin can also be quickly submitted to the Collectors Vault for secure storage. This one-stop-shop meets the needs of all collectors – casual collectors owning a piece of their favorite player or team, die-hard hobbyists protecting their collections, and investors looking to sell their items quickly.

The state-of-the-art Collectors Vault employs advanced security features, including 24/7/365 armed guards, Class 3 torch and tool-rated UL vault doors and seismic motion detectors.

Thanks to the Delaware location, Collectors will not withhold tax on orders shipped and stored in the facility. Additionally, all collectibles stored in the Collectors Vault – regardless of their value – are also fully insured at no-cost and with zero fees or payments.

“There’s no one-size-fits-all collector and everyone has slightly different motivations,” said Nat Turner, CEO of Collectors. “Some people want to build collections over years that have deep personal meaning while others are looking for the agility to time the market and quickly buy, sell, and trade items. Hobbyists trust Collectors because we’re collectors ourselves and have decades of authentication experience. Our vault will change the way people collect by connecting our leading PSA, PCGS, and WATA services directly to Goldin’s liquid marketplace, all through the platform.”

The Collectors Vault is open to graded cards valued at more than $100, ensuring the vast majority of collectors can benefit from the new platform. Collectors will be accepting graded cards for storage at this year’s National Sports Collectors Convention.

In addition to the vault, Collectors is also launching several new products today to make participating in the hobby even more convenient for its customers, including:

  1. Collectors ID: A single sign-on and password for PSA, Goldin, Collectors Vault, and PCGS.
  2. My Collection: Customers can manage their entire inventory of graded cards in a single location. Collectors can add graded cards to their inventory by simply scanning their graded cards QR code with their device or searching based on certification number.
  3. Collectors Estimate for making informed decisions about buying, selling, and trading items with access to real-time estimated values for your collectibles.

Since being acquired last year by a private equity group, Collectors has invested in tools and technologies..

Collectors is based in Santa Ana, CA and has other offices in New York, New Jersey, Seattle, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Paris.

Collectors brands include leading authentication and grading services PSA (trading cards and memorabilia), PCGS (coins and currency), and WATA (video games and pop culture), as well as an online collectibles marketplace, Goldin.

Collectors earlier this year announced it has raised $100 million in new funding.