McGuiness re-indicted by Kent County grand jury


Delaware State Auditor Kathleen McGuiness was quickly reindicted Monday on charges related to her conduct in office.

The indictment was returned by a Kent County grand jury after prosecutors asked that the location of the trial be moved to Kent County from New Castle County.

Steven Wood, McGuiness’ attorney, argued the trial could not be conducted in New Castle County because the alleged offenses occurred at her office in Kent County.

Superior Court Judge William Carpenter agreed that legal precedent indicated that Wood had a valid argument and prosecutors quickly filed charges in Kent County.

Charges faced by McGuiness include employee intimidation both before and after the first indictment, structuring consulting with a dollar amount lower than the figure that triggers a state review, and keeping her daughter on the payroll while she was going to college out of state.

McGuiness has denied all of the charges with Wood continuing to seek a dismissal.

McGuiness is also running for re-election and continues to supervise the office, despite calls for a leave of absence to avoid the work of the office being clouded by the charges she faces.

(See a copy of the indictment below)