Covid cases surge as hospitalizations, deaths stay below winter figure


In its monthly report, the Delaware Division of Public Health reported a sharp increase in Covid-19 cases. Still, it noted that hospitalizations and deaths remain significantly lower when compared to the winter surge. 

Still, Delaware has reported the second-highest increase in new cases among the 50 states, topped only by Connecticut.

While no mandates are in place, individuals are encouraged to mask up in public indoor areas in Delaware. Booster shots are also recommended for those who qualify.


COVID-19 cases and hospitalizations:

  • – Total positive cases since March 11, 2020: 271,294
  • – Seven-day daily average of new positive cases: 574.7, a difference of 417.6 average new positive cases reported since April 22, 2022
  • – Seven-day daily average for the percentage of total positive tests: 19.0 percentage points, a difference of 11.4 percentage points reported since April 22, 2022
  • – Hospitalizations: 127, current hospitalizations; critically ill: 13. In the spring, hospitalizations had fallen into the 20s, with several days of no critically ill patients.
  • – Total Covid-19 deaths: 2,939, an increase of 43 since last month
  • – Total Covid – 19 deaths reported since April 22, 2022: 43 deaths; 9 regularly reported deaths, 34 deaths from a review of vital statistics

COVID-19 Vaccinations:

  • – Total number of doses administered in Delaware: 1,805,255
  • – Percentage of Delawareans 5+ who are fully vaccinated (CDC data): 73.6%
  • – Percentage of Delawareans 12+ who are fully vaccinated (CDC data): 77.8%
  • – Percentage of Delawareans 18+ who are fully vaccinated (CDC data): 79.3%
  • – Percent of Delawareans who are fully vaccinated (CDC data): 69.5%

Booster eligibility

  • – You are 5+ and it has been five months after your second dose of Pfizer
  • – You are 18+ and it has been five months after the second dose of Moderna
  • – You are 18+ and it has been two months since your initial dose of Johnson & Johnson
  • – You are qualified for an “additional/fourth” dose of Pfizer or Moderna because you have certain immunocompromising conditions or are 50 and older. You can get your booster (fourth) dose six months after receiving your additional/third dose

Vaccination percentage of cases, hospitalizations, and deaths

  • – Percentage of non-boosted new cases is 69%.
  • – Percentage of non-boosted hospitalized cases – 71%
  • Percentage of non-boosted deaths – 60%