(Video) ChristianaCare calls on ‘cobots’ to perform non-clinical chores


ChristianaCare is the first health system in the region to put Moxi, a collaborative robot — or “cobot”— to work.

Moxi will make deliveries and perform d other non-clinical tasks so that nurses and other clinical staff can spend more time focused on what they do best — caring for patients.

With a landmark $1.5 million grant from the American Nurses Foundation, ChristianaCare will deploy a total of five Moxi cobots at Christiana Hospital. It is the largest single grant in the history of Nursing at ChristianaCare.


Cobots are designed to share workspace and interact directly with people. In ChristianaCare’s initiative, the Moxi cobots will be integrated with the Cerner Corporation electronic health record (EHR) platform and use artificial intelligence to proactively identify when nurses will need equipment, supplies, medications and lab tests.

The Moxi cobots will be deployed to 11 inpatient units, partnering with more than 400 nurses. The American Nurses Foundation grant will enable ChristianaCare to research the impact of cobots on nursing practice with the goal of scaling the technology if successful.

Moxi will be deployed to 11 hospital units, partner with 400 nurses, completing 200 delivery tasks a day, saving nurses thousands of steps.

“Moxi is not a replacement for a nurse or nursing position — or any position,” Cuming said. “It is an additional resource for nurses and their teams.

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