My take: Thanks, Maryland


I want to send along my thanks to Maryland and Gov. Hogan for a gas tax holiday that expired on Sunday.

It was good to see that the Free State had enough funds lying around to allow a little relief to not only its residents but also its neighbors in the First State. I am OK if some of your rough roads in the DC area take longer to get needed repaving work.

I further appreciate that Route 301 on the Maryland side of the line remains toll-free. Here in Delaware, decades of dithering, a low gas tax, and a resulting lack of funds led to a Middletown bypass that costs a hefty $4 one way.


Better yet, the tax holiday lowered the price at the pump for those of us who did not cross the state line.

In a state 35 miles at its widest point, stations and convenience stores felt the need to lower their prices.

Sadly, things changed when Maryland brought back the gas tax over Easter. Some stations in Delaware raised the price per gallon by a dime or so.

Delaware residents further benefitted when legislative leaders and the governor, feeling pressure from the gas holiday, got together for a rare bipartisan agreement to send a $300 check to most adults. Earlier, it was found that bond restrictions made a Maryland-style gas holiday a non-starter.

Delaware also has a lower gas tax than Maryland and has to stretch those transportation dollars further.

A few of us wondered why that $300 could not be plugged into permanent tax relief but will eagerly cash that check, knowing that it will be a long time, if ever before we see another like it. – Doug Rainey, chief content officer.