Delaware gas price falls to $3.98 a gallon


The price at the pump in Delaware gradually fell over the past week, according to the Monday summary from AAA.

As of Monday, the price at the pump was down about nine cents during the past week and about 29 cents from a month ago. Delaware’s average gas price is about 13 cents lower than the national average.

Current Avg.$3.980$4.445$4.695$5.023
Yesterday Avg.$3.991$4.457$4.707$5.037
Week Ago Avg.$4.074$4.508$4.748$5.141
Month Ago Avg.$4.275$4.611$4.848$5.142
Year Ago Avg.$2.675$3.087$3.316$3.020

The fluctuating price of oil continues to influence the market, with the release of oil reserves by the U.S. and other nations leading to downward pressure on the price at the pump. 

A recent poll blamed big oil and Russian President Vladamir Putin for the higher gas prices, although President Joe Biden also gets low marks. Gas prices had been higher before the invasion of Ukraine.

Crude oil prices closed on the NYMEX exchange at around $94 a barrel, down about $4 from Friday.


Delaware gas prices in some areas have been influenced by Maryland’s gas tax expansion which is slated to expire.

The lowest gas prices could be found in Kent County and the Middletown area.

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